New Perspectives on Sustainability: A Workshop with Sustainergies

Students from Lund University
Trelleborg’s sustainability group received a visit from Sustainergies and students from Lund University, for a workshop to look at how Trelleborg can future-proof its operations.

The workshop was a great success and provided new perspectives on sustainability. The students saw a need for additional transparency and brought up the importance of Trelleborg being integrated with its supply chain, participating in the recycling industry, and creating recycling programs.


“The workshop was very rewarding and fun,” said the students. “It was interesting to see what the company is focusing on and wants to develop in the future.”

Student presenting their findings

Trelleborg’s sustainability group was also satisfied with the visit and commented, "The workshop with Sustainergies was a truly energizing experience for our sustainability team. The creative and innovative solutions presented by the students provided a fresh perspective on our current initiatives. We were particularly impressed by the students' belief in Trelleborg's ability to lead the way in sustainability. I would like to thank Sustainergies and Lund University for their invaluable contributions to our sustainability journey.”


Sustainergies is an organization that helps students at Swedish universities strengthen their competence in sustainable development through close collaboration with companies and organizations in various sectors. Click here to read more about Sustainergies.


At Trelleborg, we are committed to sustainability in our manufacturing strategy and value chain responsibility, with a focus on operations, compliance, and social engagement. Click here to read more about Trelleborg’s commitment to sustainability.