Improved CDP Score with Strong Climate Engagement

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Trelleborg has improved its score in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a well-established standard of environmental reporting for companies. The CDP is a non-profit organization that manages the global disclosure system for corporate environmental impacts, offering comprehensive datasets on corporate actions.

Group Sustainability Officer, Operations, Anna Yelistratova, highlights, “The benefits of reporting to CDP, provides an effective sanity check and helps identify gaps, risks, and opportunities linked to the climate agenda. By providing climate-related data to the CDP database, we ensure our customers are informed of the company's advanced climate engagement.”

In 2022 Trelleborg achieved an A- score, the second highest score available. Submitting data to the CPD for over ten years has contributed to Trelleborg’s climate work strengthening the company’s climate-related targets, indicators, and overall climate performance.

Ulrika Wedberg, VP Sustainability, expresses pride in the recognition of Trelleborg's climate ambitions, stating, “The hard work done by colleagues has been recognized and provides our customers with a profound understanding of our climate ambitions.”

In 2021, the company joined the CDP Supply Chain program, a vital part of the company's Scope 3 emission reduction work.

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