Going Digital for a Greener Tomorrow

Our Trelleborg Sealing Solutions facility in Bridgewater is on a mission to drive environmental sustainability.

Many of their valued customers require product certifications when they receive products, providing assurance that the products meet necessary standards and are fit for their intended use. Paper copies were traditionally for product certifications, but that's history now. 


The dedicated Quality team undertook a groundbreaking project to digitize the entire certification process, from creation to storage and delivery.  


The result? An incredible 13,770 pages of paper saved annually, along with 2,080 polybags and other resources. This digital shift also nearly halved the time needed to create certificates. It's a win-win for efficiency and the environment! 


With a previous environmental competition winner's idea and this project, the Bridgewater Quality Lab reduced paper consumption by almost 17,000 pages yearly. 

This success inspires us to explore more paper-saving initiatives across the company.