Football match with Sports for All

Trelleborg player received diploma
Trelleborg has sponsored Ramlösa Södra's initiative Idrott för Alla (Sports for All) for many years and when you visit them you understand why.

In Sport for All, everyone with some form of disability can take part. It is primarily football, where they have around 50 people who are involved, but they have also developed to include more sports such as bowling and floorball.

On Tuesday, September 19, they invited their supporting players (sponsors) to a football match against them. When the match started it was raining, but there was nothing noticeable on either player or supporter, they all shone with joy. Ramlösa Södra fielded a crew of 30 people, divided into three groups, who all had to participate equally during the match. The support players had to do without substitutes. Goals were scored both ways, but the highlight was still when Viktor, a boy of 8 years, scored his very first goal ever on a penalty that was unattainable for the goalkeeper.

Stefan Carlsson, coach of Ramlösa Södra, said several times after the match that this would be talked about for a whole year and that thank you was not a sufficient word to tell how grateful they are for this match. It means so much that it can be difficult to understand. They had sponsor matches for a few years before covid but this was the first time since the pandemic ended.

As a player in the support team, you feel immense pride that we contribute to this initiative being able to continue to exist. The joy they all had spread so that it was with light steps that they left the sports complex.

 Spors for All player with the football

The whole Sports for All team thanks for the match