Empowering OV Helsingborg and Handball for All

We take pride in our commitment to local engagement.

For several years, we've been a dedicated sponsor of OV Helsingborg, a testament to our dedication to local social engagement initiatives. We believe our partnership with OV Helsingborg reflects our commitment to nurturing local youth through sport.

Handball for All: Inclusivity in Action

Within OV Helsingborg's diverse initiatives, "Handball for All" shines brightly. This program is focused on creating an inclusive environment for children aged 7-13, participating in activities including handball, hip-hop dance, martial arts, and homework help, 1-2 times per week. It's not just about handball; it is about fostering inclusivity, teamwork, and personal growth.

"Our involvement with OV Helsingborg is closely tied to our Trelleborg SportsClub initiative where we strive to contribute to positive social development, no matter where we are present. We understand that sports have the power to bridge divides, instill values, and create opportunities, and Helsingborg’s Handball for All initiative shares these beliefs.”- Patrik Romberg, Trelleborg.

"Handball for All is our way of ensuring that every child in Helsingborg has a chance to participate in sports and develop important life skills. The project started in September 2016, and currently, 350 children participate every week. We're grateful for Trelleborg's support in making this possible." - Mats Engblom, OV Helsingborg.

To find out more about Handball for All, visit (Swedish): https://ovbollochskola.se/

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