Firemen and large leak sealing bag

Key features & benefits

Large leak sealing bags M2

M1 Set - 1.5 Bar (22 Psi)

The M1 Type Set -With Belt Guiding Slits Consists of:
M1/6 Set - 6 Bar (87 Psi)
M1/10 Set - 10 Bar (145 Psi)
Large leak sealing bags M1

M2 Set - 1.5 Bar (22 Psi)

The M2 Type Set - With Swivel Eyes Consists of:
Technical Data

Coupling System

 Coupling Type 26

M1-6, M1-10 Type 26

Coupling Type 14

M1, M2 Type 14 


Rescue & Recovery

Large leak sealing bags

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