Get more done with smarter delivery

Trelleborg - Case Study - Get more done with smarter delivery

Start-up company Homeboxx has developed a box that makes it easy to deliver groceries and packages without the customer having to be home. The box can be kept outside year-round regardless of the weather conditions. Trelleborg was entrusted with designing the all-important seal, the key to maintaining a consistent temperature inside the box.

The digital era has changed consumer behavior for good. Rather than going from store to store, many people now order their goods and services online, leaving more time for work, leisure, and family life. Even tomorrow’s dinner can be purchased with a simple tap of the finger. Shopping online brings its own challenges, though. Indeed, have the time (or patience) to wait in line to pick up their missed packages from the post office.

Norwegian company, Homeboxx, has created a unique, hassle-free solution for deliveries that allows customers to have fresh goods and other packages delivered directly to their home without actually having to be there. The box can be placed on the stairs outside the front door and is designed to withstand the summer heat as well as the coldest winter days.

The locking function of the lid is connected to an app that the customer can use to monitor when the box has been opened and closed, as well as the temperature inside the container. The customer can even issue a single-use password for the delivery service to open the lock. Returns are just as smooth, with consumers simply placing unwanted parcels or packages back in the box for collection.

Trelleborg’s seal is a key difference

The temperature inside the box is kept at an optimal 39.2°F (4°C), which is especially important when storing perishable foods. Here, the seal plays a crucial and complex role: its job is to maintain the adjusted temperature in the box regardless of rain, wind, or cold. Trelleborg has developed a brand-new, two-component profile with excellent resilience against all weather conditions, allowing the box to remain outside for extended periods.

Trelleborg was also tasked with making the design of the strip easier for the assembler to work with, as the previous silicone strip had proved difficult to install. Instead of cutting the rubber profile, Trelleborg designed it as a frame with softer edges. When the seal is adapted to the application, the installation work becomes much easier and more effective. The installer simply has to fit the seal around the inside of the box by pushing the strip into position by hand.

“Another important function that is essential for quality is the force needed when opening and closing the box,” says Peter Somvall, business developer for seal products at Trelleborg’s seals and profiles operation. “The design and choice of material on the seal ensure the lid closes tight without much physical force, so that it works as smoothly as possible.”

Close collaboration with the customer

Homeboxx has worked closely with the carrier and the end customer to improve the function and consumer experience of the box. Having been tested in 2019 in several pilot projects, the product is now ready for commercial launch.

For many people, a common problem involves having to stay home to receive goods during a specific time slot. If the customer is not at home, the driver usually leaves the goods outside the door unguarded, or has to reschedule the delivery with the buyer.

But with Homeboxx at the front door, the customer does not need to be at home. The result is a low-stress customer experience, and more time for children and other activities. Planning the family dinner has never been easier.

"We save lots of time with Homeboxx,” says customer Ole Ringe. “We can have our food and other packages delivered to our front door while we are at work.”

The customer can choose a design that matches their house and outdoor furniture, and the front of the box can even be painted in the color of their choice.