Repair solution prevents mall shutdown 

Trelleborg - Case Study - Bal Habour Miami



Located in the city’s South Beach neighborhood, Bal Harbour Shops is one of Miami’s most exclusive shopping locations. However, the mall had a hole in an 8-inch sewer line running from the front of the building to the street. Due to the height of the surrounding water table, the pipe was experiencing a significant amount of infiltration, especially during high tide. Express Drain was contracted to solve the problem.

A conventional dig and replace solution just wasn’t an option; the summer season was just beginning, and store owners couldn’t afford to close down for the several weeks required to carry out invasive repairs. To make matters worse, the faulty pipe ran through the parking lot of the mall complex, making it especially costly and time-intensive to repair a sewer pipe using dig and replace methods. 

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Express Drain’s answer was to employ a non-invasive repair solution: Trelleborg’s patch repair system. The patch repair was quickly scheduled for low tide, which happened to be at 1 AM.

The speed and simplicity of applying the patch allowed the entire repair to be completed in just three hours. This meant the contractor could finish work and be offsite before the start of business the following day, avoiding any disruption to the shop owners. What’s more, the proven, long-lasting nature of Trelleborg’s solution is expected to keep the repaired sewer line watertight for many years to come, preventing future recurrences of the problem.

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Trelleborg's patch repair system was named "best silicate-resin-based system on the market" by the Institute for Underground Infrastructure (IKT).

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