SuperSealer Marcela Rodríguez

SuperSealer Marcella Rodriguez

Our June SuperSealer thrives on building relationships with customers. When Marcela is not looking for the next mountain to climb, she’s usually making sure new and existing clients get the best possible experience. She discusses here why it’s more important than ever for Trelleborg to keep adapting to maintain its position as a global market leader.

Who are you?

My name is Marcela Rodriguez. I’m 43 and live in San Jose, Costa Rica. I’m the sales manager Pipe Seals Central & South America and the Caribbean, but I also support the US and Canada regions.

How long have you worked in this position and what are your key duties?

I started as sales manager in 2019, but before then I’d been a customer service manager for 10 years. In fact, I first joined the company in early 2009. My key tasks include making sure the customers receive the best possible experience with our products and finding potential new customers so we can keep growing.

What do you like about working here?

I’ve worked here for more than 12 years now. Working with Trelleborg has given me a real sense of stability but also the opportunity to grow as a professional. It’s amazing to think how far I’ve come! It also helps that I’m very passionate about what we do.

One of my favorite things about working here is being able to build relationships with my clients and work with our amazing team to ensure we achieve our goals together and deliver the best value for our customers.

What are the key challenges you face in your job?

Covid-19 has been tough on everyone, and the fallout is probably the biggest challenge we’re facing right now. For example, I love meeting with clients in person so we can get to know them better and get a stronger feel for how to meet their needs. Sadly, that hasn’t been possible lately because of the pandemic restrictions, so we’ve had to adapt to virtual meetings and that’s taken some getting used to.

How do you think the business in your area is going to evolve in the future? How are you preparing for this?

Going forward, we need to make sure we keep improving the service we provide to our customers to ensure their full satisfaction. It’s also essential that we keep working to incorporate new customers because this is the key to our long-term growth.

More generally, adaptability is more important than ever. The world is constantly changing, and we need to show a high capacity to adapt if we want to maintain our global leadership position.

What do you do in your free time?

Like most people, I love having quality time with my family, and I spend a lot of time with them outside work. I also enjoy hiking in the mountains. Recently, I visited Chirripo, which is the highest mountain in Costa Rica. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

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