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Compression profiles

For joints with edge protection



For joints with edge protection

Our compression profiles are rubber sealing sections that absorb movements and provide comfortable traffic. The benefits of the system depend on the mechanical properties of the sealing section, proper housing design and execution and quality of the edge guard and paving in the vicinity of the joint.
The cross section of these profiles is reinforced bees panel, a design that allows maintaining a suitable pressure against the walls of the joint, without causing permanent deformation. The profiles are used in serrated or pre-shaped joints, being very important a correct joint geometry and dimensions of the joint in the structure to ensure correct performance.
In black pavement, the inclusion of effective drainage in the edge protector area affects decisively in the life of the joint. In this way, pumping effect and subsequent wear of the asphalt layer is prevented.
Properly installed compression profiles provide a sufficient degree of waterproof in most cases. However, when waterproof is a mayor need, as in car parks, additional or alternative Transflex systems must be designed.
The compression profiles J-150, J-250 J-350 y J-450 absorb movement ranges of 18, 25, 42 and 50mm.


Profile at rest
Profile installed Movement
G (mm)


A (mm)

B (mm)

D average (mm)

C (mm)

D (mm)

PC J-150 46 39
17 to 35 18 (±9) 15
PC J-250
64 70 45 80 32.5 to 57.5 25 (±12.5
PC J-350
89 89 58 98 37 to 79 42 (±21) 30
PC J-450
114 114 80 130 55 to 105 50 (±25) 35

Main applications

Recommended for sealing expansion joints, including skewed joints, in bridge decks and other overhead structures.


- Excellent recovery properties
- Long life with no maintenance
- Abrasion and impact resistant
- Thermal stability
- Weather resistant


Profile properties J150 J250 J350 J450
Weight 0.85 kg/m 3.0 kg/m 3.8 kg/m 5.6 kg/m
Hardness at 25°C  65 ± 5 Shore A  65 ± 5 Shore A 65 ± 5 Shore A
65 ± 5 Shore A
Tensile strength 110 kg/cm2 110 kg/cm2
110 kg/cm2
110 kg/cm2
Elongation at break 400% min 400% min
400% min
400% min
 Properties of TR-M-150 mortar
  24 hours 7 days    
Compression strength 260 kg/cm2 560 kg/cm2 570 kg/cm2  
Flexural tensile strength 46 kg/cm2 55 kg/cm2 61 kg/cm2  
Storage 12 months in original packing in cool and dry place (below 25°C) 
Packing 25 kg bag      
- We strive to provide reliable technical information of our products. Recommendations or advice on their use have been made in good faith based on our experience. However, it is the user or designer responsibility to ensure that each product satisfies the intended purpose and conditions for use are adequate.
- Values stated in this datasheet correspond to mean laboratory test results and are only indicative.
- Whilst all reasonable care is taking in compiling technical data on the company´s products, some changes might take place or some figures might be wrong with no responsibility for Trelleborg IZARRA. Also all recommendations or suggestions regarding the use of any products are made without guarantee since the conditions of use are beyond the control of the company. It is the customer´s responsibility to satisfy himself that each product is fit for the purpose for which he intends to use it and hat the actual conditions of use are suitable.


Product Sheet

Transflex Compression Profiles  

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Transflex Compression Profiles  

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