Trelleborg Releases Whitepaper on Silicone Drug-Eluting Combination Devices

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Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical releases a technical whitepaper discussing the different manufacturing processes of combining silicone with Advanced Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), the pros and cons, and test results that prove the effectiveness of the elution method in drug-eluting devices.

Novel Solutions 

Zach Fletcher, Business Development Manager for Drug Combination Devices, and author of the whitepaper, says: “Single entity combination devices continue to show promise for providing novel solutions to some of the most challenging conditions patients face today. 


“Silicone stands out as one of the most successful materials to support the production and advancement of combination products. Its biocompatibility and porousness make it a perfect fit for the growing market of implantable devices. When medical device manufacturers are supported by component suppliers early in the product development cycle, they can navigate all manufacturing considerations and determine the best method for adding API to silicone.”


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The whitepaper on silicone drug-eluting combination devices is just one of the free resources available to medical device manufacturers via Trelleborg’s Healthcare & Medical website. Website visitors can find webinars and engineering tools designed to support engineers by simplifying material and product selection. 


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