The Nomination Committee at Trelleborg AB proposes change to numbers of Board of Directors

The Nomination Committee at Trelleborg AB hereby announces that Board member Jan Carlson is no longer available for re-election. He will therefore resign his seat on the Board in conjunction with the 2017 Annual General Meeting after three years of commendable work, not least during the company’s ownership and subsequent divestment of shares in the joint venture Vibracoustic.  

The Nomination Committee’s proposal to the 2017 Annual General Meeting is that the number of Board members revert to the number prior to the 2014 Annual General Meeting, that is, eight members. Therefore, there will be no proposed replacement of Jan Carlson. In accordance with the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors is to consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of ten members, with no deputies.

The Nomination Committee’s revised proposal from January 25, 2017 is that the 2017 Annual General Meeting elects the following individuals as members of the Board of Directors: Hans Biörck, Gunilla Fransson, Johan Malmquist, Sören Mellstig, Peter Nilsson, Anne Mette Olesen, Susanne Pahlén Åklundh and Bo Risberg. As previously announced, it is proposed to re-elect Sören Mellstig as the Chairman of the Board.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in Trelleborg on April 27, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. CET.