Report from Trelleborg AB’s Annual General Meeting

Approximately 900 shareholders participated in the Trelleborg Group’s Annual General Meeting in Trelleborg on April 28. CEO Peter Nilsson described how Trelleborg develops high-performance solutions that seal, damp and protect in demanding industrial environments throughout the world.

“In 2007, the Trelleborg Group continued to grow and sales increased by 14 percent. It was particularly gratifying,” said Peter Nilsson, “that our organic growth reached a level of 10 percent.”

Peter Nilsson underlined the Group’s priority of creating value for customers, shareholders and employees by continuing to refine the business structure and product portfolio.

“Trelleborg achieves this, for example, by continuously striving toward leading positions in segments that are attractive in the long-term, such as offshore oil and gas exploration, aerospace, the chemicals industry and infrastructure. At the same time, it is important to continue strengthening our leading positions that have been established for several years.”

Peter Nilsson also emphasized the importance of continuing to increase the Group’s presence in such growth markets as Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

In accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors and the CEO, the Annual General Meeting approved the payment of a dividend of SEK 6.50 per share. The record date for the dividend is May 2, which means that the dividend is expected to be distributed through VPC on May 7.

Board of Directors
In accordance with the proposal from shareholders representing about 65 percent of the number of votes, Heléne Bergquist, Staffan Bohman, Rolf Kjellman, Claes Lindqvist, Anders Narvinger and Peter Nilsson were reelected. Sören Mellstig was elected as a new Board member. He replaces Berthold Lindqvist, who declined reelection. The Meeting elected Anders Narvinger as Chairman of the Board.