Updated comparative figures for 2004 ahead of the third-quarter interim report for 2005

As information ahead of Trelleborg’s third-quarter interim report for 2005, the company is disclosing the following updated comparative figures for 2004. The changes in the comparative figures, which are marginal, are the result of adjustment to IFRS with regard to reporting earnings from associated companies and also to organizational changes relating to the transferal of a unit between business areas. Accordingly, the figures for 2004 have been adjusted as follows: • Tax on participations in associated companies is included in operating profit (previously reported under the “Tax” heading). • Transfer of the Materials unit in the town of Trelleborg from Trelleborg Wheel Systems to Trelleborg Engineered Systems. The effect on Trelleborg Engineered Systems’ sales for the period January – September 2004 amounted to approximately SEK 125 M. • Restructuring costs pertaining to Trelleborg Automotive’s operations in Logansport are reported in accordance with the year-end report for 2004. Historical data has been adjusted for comparability purposes. See enclosed tables. Contacts: Bo Jacobsson, Chief Financial Officer Phone: +46 410-670 99, Mobile: +46 70-685 65 60, e-mail: bo.jacobsson@trelleborg.com Mikael Byström, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Phone: +46 410-670 37, Mobile: +46 708-55 21 69, e-mail: mikael.bystrom@trelleborg.com Viktoria Bergman, Vice President, Corporate Communications Phone: +46 410-670 94, Mobile: +46 708-47 57 33, e-mail: viktoria.bergman@trelleborg.com Calendar: Interim report third quarter 2005 October 26, 2005 Year-end Report February 15, 2006 Group financial statements, the stakeholder magazine T-TIME and other information on the Trelleborg Group may be ordered from Trelleborg AB, Information Department, Box 153, SE-231 22 Trelleborg, Sweden, by telephone on +46 410-670 09, by fax on +46 410-427 63, by e-mail: info@trelleborg.com or can be downloaded from the Group’s website: www.trelleborg.com Trelleborg AB (publ) • Reg. no. 556006-3421 • Box 153 • SE-231 22 Trelleborg, Sweden • Phone: +46 410-670 00 • Fax: +46 410-427 63 • E-mail: info@trelleborg.com • Internet: www.trelleborg.com