Year-End Report

YEAR-END-REPORT JANUARY - DECEMBER 2003 CONTINUED FAVORABLE TREND FOR THE TRELLEBORG GROUP The Trelleborg Group shows a continued favorable trend in earnings and sales despite the challenging market situation in the Group's principal markets during the year. Profit after net financial items increased by 61 percent to SEK 1,091 M (677). Several acquisitions, including Polymer Sealing Solutions with 6,000 employees and SEK 5.2 billion in annual sales, Kunhwa of South Korea and, since the close of the year, Metzeler Automotive Hose Systems, have contributed to the Group strengthening its market positions and increasing the number of employees by nearly 7,000. Sales grew primarily in Europe and Asia. A decision was taken to invest in a new plant in Wuxi, China. Net sales amounted to SEK 5,351 M (4,114) during the fourth quarter. For the full year, net sales amounted to SEK 17,960 M (17,630). For comparable units at fixed exchange rates, net sales during 2003 increased by 1 percent compared with 2002. Profit after tax increased to SEK 220 M (102) during the fourth quarter. For the full year, profit increased by 71 percent to SEK 702 M (410). Earnings per share increased to SEK 2.65 (1.20) during the fourth quarter. For the full year, earnings per share increased by 77 percent to SEK 8.40 (4.75). Profit after net financial items increased to SEK 340 M (216) during the fourth quarter, and to SEK 1,091 M (677) for the full year. Full year 2003, excluding goodwill amortization and items affecting comparability: · Operating profit SEK 1,427 M (1,189) · Profit after net financial items SEK 1,287 M (1,070) · Profit after tax SEK 881 M (770) · Earnings per share SEK 10.50 (8.95) Proposed dividend: SEK 4.50 (4.25) Debt-equity ration now within the framework for the Group's targets. New loan of EUR 540 M (SEK 4,900 M) with a five-year maturity raised during the year. New accounting principles introduced on January 1 regarding employee benefits, in accordance with the Swedish Accounting Standards Council's recommendation RR29, are expected to reduce affect to the opening shareholders' equity in 2004 by approximately SEK 126 M. Running costs for 2004 are expected to be in line with 2003. Shareholder contacts Bo Jacobsson, Chief Financial Officer Phone: +46 410-670 99, fax: +46 410-137 45 Mobile: +46 70-685 65 60 e-mail: Mikael Byström, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Phone: +46 410-670 37, fax: +46 410-427 63 Mobile: +46 708-55 21 69 e-mail: Viktoria Bergman, Vice President, Corporate Communications Phone: +46 410-670 94, fax: +46 410-102 61 Mobile: +46 708-47 57 33 e-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: The full year-end report The full year-end report