SafePilot CAT ROT - Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure

SafePilot CAT ROT - Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure


The CAT ROT is a small and compact pilot unit primarily designed to connect to a ship's AIS pilot plug and transmit data via Wi-Fi to the Pilot’s tablet/notebook. 

AIS is primarily intended for information, but not navigation. The AIS data format available from the pilot plug does not provide sufficient resolution in heading, nor in a rate of turn. These parameters are, however, vital from a navigational perspective. In particular, if quality predictions are of the essence. 

The CAT ROT is designed to overcome the shortcomings of the AIS pilot plug data format by generating an accurate real-time rate of turn and providing the missing decimal readings to the heading data via an integrated rate sensor, intelligent processing and advanced Kalman filter integrated into the unit.

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Rate sensor


Navigation processor


Intelligent filtering


Decimal degree on heading, 0.1 deg


Reliable, real time ROT, <0.5 deg/min


AIS targets


Reduced weight (330g)


Pocket size (138 x 100 x 25 mm)


Low power consumption


USB charge


Charge during operation


Extended battery capacity 18 hours


Autopolarity conversion (APC)


Access point functionality (Infrastructure W LAN)


WIFI connection to pilot tablet / notebook


Integration to separate speed and positioning unit (CAT I)


Optional built in GPS w SBAS (EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS)


Options and Accessories

Several accessories for the SafePilot PPU's are available.

PPU charger set
AIS connection cable


For use in basic pilotage operations requiring reliable, real-time ROT (Rate of Turn)

⮚ Harbor docking
⮚ Lock operations
⮚ River pilotage
⮚ Transit pilotage

Applications and Markets


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