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Diagram - Sling type pneumatic fender


HALO fenders is a premium pneumatic fender solution with market leading service and support from Trelleborg and Teekay.  

The ISO 17357:2014 compliant sling or hook type pneumatic fenders come without the Chain-Tyre Net and ring shackles. 

 A lifting eye is fitted to each end and the fender is slung by a chain or wire rope. Sling type fenders are available across the whole size range.

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*Please refer to Halo Fenders Brochure for dimensions.


ISO 17357-1:2014 compliant


Easy and fast to deploy


Very low reaction and hull pressure


Suitable for small and large tidal ranges


Maintains large clearances between hull and structure


Made of 100% synthetic tire cord



Oil and gas tankers
Fast ferries and aluminium vessels
Temporary and permanent installations
Rapid response and emergencies

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