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SeaGuard fenders work equally well in harbors or between vessels. Low hull pressures protect soft-skinned ships. Trelleborg's SeaGuard combines a durable, non-marking finish with low maintenance. SeaGuard fenders can be deployed floated or suspended, against a quay wall or for ship-to-ship operations. SeaGuard fenders suit all sites with small or large tidal changes. They also work just as well on new or old structures. 

Hull pressures are very low, making SeaGuard fenders gentle on soft-skinned ships. The skin is very tough but also non-marking, even against white-hulled yachts and cruise liners. Low maintenance comes as standard because the polyurethane elastomer is highly resistant to the effects of ozone and ultraviolet light. SeaGuard fenders will never sink or deflate. Even at the end of their first service life, they can be returned to the factory for refurbishment before going back to work.

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Fully compliant with US Navy specifications


Wide range of standard and custom sizes


Low reaction and high energy options


Operate floating or suspended


Virtually indestructible


No chain/tyre net required


Non-marking even against white hulls


Unsinkable design



Cruise ships
Container vessels
Bulk cargo
RoRo and ferries
Oil and gas tankers
General cargo
Navy berths
Ship-to-ship transfers


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