The 26th IMPA Congress

IMPA Congress

Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure is excited to return to the 26th edition of the IMPA Congress as a Silver sponsor. The upcoming conference, scheduled to take place in the Postillion Conference Centre in Rotterdam from April 21st to 26th, 2024, presents an excellent opportunity for us to engage with maritime pilots, key decision-makers, and industry experts and showcase our cutting-edge SafePilot solutions.


Trelleborg provides a comprehensive range of SafePilot solutions that give pilots better control, safety, and precision during port approaches and maneuvers. One of the featured solutions at the event will be SafePilot CAT PRO, specifically designed for use in demanding applications that require the highest level of precision in positioning and speed, such as guiding ships through narrow channels and restricted waters. This autonomous Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) is built to address the constraints commonly linked with the AIS and Wi-Fi range.


Our team of experts will be on hand to discuss Trelleborg’s latest solutions and technologies designed to enhance the safety, efficiency and sustainability of port operations..