LNG Shipping and Terminals Conference

LNG Shipping and Terminals Conf Nov 2022

Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure is pleased to be the Platinum Sponsor of the LNG Shipping and Terminals Conference, Europe 2022, in London from 16-17 November 2022.


With several European countries actively building infrastructure as fast as possible to facilitate LNG imports, the expertise required to deliver an LNG project, including FSRUs, FSUs is in high demand worldwide. Considering the significance of all these factors, a race to secure the right resources is gaining momentum.


LNG professionals also have a growing concern about the possibility of a safety incident that could impact the entire industry due to the unprecedented speed at which major projects are progressing.


As part of this event, our experts will discuss these key challenges and showcase our market-leading Ship-Shore Links (SSL) for both large-scale and small-scale LNG transfer operations at booth no. 3.


Dave Pendleton, Managing Director of our operations in the UK, will deliver the opening speech highlighting the recent increase in LNG demand and the flexible approach required to meet these demands. On 16 November at 14:50. Technical Director, Andrew Stafford, will discuss FSRU interface compatibility as we fast-track projects across Europe.