7th LNG Summit USA

7th LNG Summit USA

Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure is proud to be an official Silver Partner of the 7th LNG Summit USA taking place from 27-28th February 2023 in Houston, Texas.


Centered around the critical role of technology in increasing LNG production capacity to meet demand, the 7th Annual LNG Summit USA will provide insightful presentations from leading experts and stakeholders from the energy, gas, and maritime industries across the United States on key issues.


Our Senior Technical Sales Manager from our UK operations, Steve Ward, will deliver a presentation focusing on ship-shore link considerations. He will discuss our leading Ship-Shore Links (SSL) for both large and small-scale LNG transfer operations. The presentation will also cover the latest solutions that Trelleborg offers for LNG, including docking and mooring, and LNG hose transfers.


We will also have a team from the Americas represented by Paulo Carmesini (Automated Mooring), Oscar Duque (Docking & Mooring), Rudy Laguna (Marine Fenders) and Rudi Den Dulk (Gutteling Composite Hoses) at the event.


For more information about how our smart technologies can improve your LNG transfer operations' efficiency, safety, and profitability, connect with our team at our booth.