Trelleborg showcases its world-leading LNG transfer solutions and advancements at the Gastech Conference and Exhibition in Milan

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Trelleborg will discuss its world-leading liquified natural gas (LNG) transfer solutions and share some of its latest product developments and innovations at the Gastech Conference and Exhibition from September 5-8 at the Fiera Milano exhibition center, Milan.


As part of the main conference during Gastech, Trelleborg industry specialist, Andrew Stafford, Technical Director, will present a paper on "Is the ship-to-shore link reaching its limits?” The paper will discuss how the latest ship-to-shore technology can cater to newer operations. It will also highlight new solutions that are in development to overcome the limits of conventional interfaces, enabling ship-to-shore link systems to provide interfaces that meet the evolving requirements of operators.


Experts and industry specialists from Trelleborg will also be on hand at stand 11A02 to share information on a wide range of cutting-edge LNG transfer solutions. The stand will feature large and small-scale systems including the KLAW LNG CryoFC and CryoFCV quick connect, a Vee Bee Filtration system, as well as the Gutteling White, Multi-LNG Composite Hoses.


Also, on display will be industry-leading Ship-Shore Link (SSL), Docking and Mooring systems, ISO 17357-1:2014 compliant Pneumatic Fenders as well as SafePilot solutions that form a highly accurate piloting and navigation system for offshore and pilotage applications.


Speaking about the company’s participation in Gastech 2022, Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure, said: “We are delighted to be back at the world's largest exhibition and conference for the gas, LNG, hydrogen, and energy industry this year, marking the event's 50th anniversary. The oil and gas sector, particularly LNG, is undergoing a great deal of change, and we're looking forward to sharing our insights and perspectives with our prospective partners at this event. Besides showcasing our comprehensive range of products, we'll also be presenting among other new product innovations, our newest system, SafePilot CAT PRO, the smallest and lightest portable piloting unit with RTK capabilities.”


Aiming to improve communication, reduce delays and maximize vessel throughput, Trelleborg is taking its navigation & piloting solutions to the next level with SafePilot CAT PRO. The completely independent portable pilot unit delivers speed accuracy down to 1 cm/s and heading accuracy down to 0.01°, making it ideal for the most challenging operations for LNG vessels.


SafePilot, together with the CAT MAX, is the new gold standard for Under Keel Clearance systems. Utilizing new S-102 bathymetric sea charts and ultra-precise positioning, as well as roll, pitch, and heave measurements, this device is extremely accurate.


With its extensive expertise and versatility, Trelleborg caters to a wide range of transfer applications. Using KLAW LNG transfer systems, thousands of LNG commercial transfers have been safely executed. The commonly used 8" ERC, for large- and small-scale transfers alike, now comes with a revolutionary Universal Actuator, allowing for a more compact design. The integration of sensors for diagnostic and monitoring purposes, in addition to the absence of sharp edges and protruding parts, makes this ERC ideal for installation on mid string hoses.


Furthermore, as an added feature to the 8" Cryo Flange Connection, integration of the coupler with an interlock valve is now possible, which ensures the valve will only open with full connection of all clamps. The interlocked valve disengages once fully closed, thereby increasing safety as it prevents mishandling.


To enable greater operational flexibility, a new specially designed lightweight, flexible, and easy to install saddle adapts to multiple hose configurations and manifold elevations.


As a world leader in marine gas transfer, Trelleborg facilitates safe, efficient, and cost-effective LNG value chain operations. From complete marine transfer systems to individual component parts, Trelleborg's portfolio optimizes loading and unloading operations, maximizing productivity, improving safety, and increasing asset efficiency in even the most challenging environments.


Through innovation and strong customer partnerships, Trelleborg continues to play an active role in supporting the global transition to cleaner energy.


For more information about Trelleborg’s portfolio of solutions designed to support the entire LNG value chain, visit stand 11A02 at Gastech, Fiera Milano exhibition center, Milan.


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