Future Sensing

Are IoT and Artificial Intelligence just hype? For Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, they’re a reality as we work on actual projects that are  already bringing benefits to our customers. One of these was a three-way collaboration between Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Vapo and Ampelmann. Here we talk to some of the people involved. - By Donna Guinivan

A three-way partnership is showing how big data can work to develop next generation solutions. Domenico Tucci (DT) interviews Vapo Hydraulics and Ampelmann Operations

What Vapo Hydraulics had to say
Views from Ampelmann Operations
Strengthening the Weakest Link
Strengthening the Weakest Link
This is an extract from a podcast produced by OEM off-highway magazine


Dr.-Ing. Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen joined the July 22 OEM Off-Highway video podcast to discuss how Trelleborg uses artificial intelligence to improve predictive maintenance to help prevent unplanned downtime in heavy equipment. Interest in this topic is fueled by growth in the autonomous equipment market. To view the podcast, follow the link below