Trelleborg launches a survey to find out inhibitors to innovation

What are the inhibitors to innovation? Trelleborg launches a survey to find out
Innovation is often credited with evolving industries, product differentiation, attracting key talent and critically, improving the bottom line. However, what happens when internal innovation stagnates? Trelleborg’s online survey will explore the issues facing business with regards to innovation and attitudes to outsourcing.

The outsourcing of product R&D has long been a topic of discussion – many understand the benefits such as speed to market, budget control and specialist expertise but leading producer of speciality polymer coated and calendered materials, Trelleborg, recognises that some remain hesitant.

Johan Frithiof, Commercial Director within the Engineered Fabrics business of Trelleborg, said: “We understand that there is a mix of views across the industry. To many, outsourcing is the ideal way to manage their product innovation, but some feel inhibited by it.

“We are keen to understand what inhibits innovation, by sourcing genuine, honest insights directly from the engineers and buyers within the marketplace. So we decided to compile a report which will reflect the true views and opinions of engineers and OEMs across a number of industries.”

Contributions towards to the report can be made through the survey which can be completed at Trelleborg Engineered Fabrics Report Survey 2013.