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Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics develops and manufactures specialty polyurethane-coated fabrics with optimum patient outcomes in mind.

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Our healthcare & Medical coated fabric range offers solutions for top covers, bases and cores to provide the full package for medical support surfaces.

Incorporating the industry-trusted Dartex® brand, find out more about why we are the market leader for pressure-redistributing support surface fabrics. 

More than a mattress cover…looking for something extra? Speak with the team for more information about how we can help in other application areas.


Standard properties of the Healtcare & Medical fabric range include

Fabric Option Include

Dartex Wheel ECF

1. Preventing Avoidable Pressure Ulcers / Pressure Injuries

In the US alone, around 60,000 people each year die from an avoidable pressure ulcer / pressure injury(1).

Globally, the cost of treating a preventable pressure ulcers and injuries is massive:

  • US – $26.8 billion (2017)(2).
  • UK – £1.4 to £2.7 billion(3).
  • EU – €334 million to £2.79 billion per country(4).  

  • Medical support surface fabrics
    with immersion, envelopment and breathability properties are key factors in pressure ulcer / pressure injury prevention(5).

    Application areas include:

    • Top covers
    • Medical mattresses-- including stretchers, trolleys and tables
    • Specialty seating, cushions and wheelchairs
    • Moving & handling devices
    • Base tickings
    • Air Cells & Bladders

    Key properties include:


    2. Skin-Safe Durability

    Utilizing polyurethane-coated fabrics for surgical use ensures skin safety and eliminates the risk of compromise through failure with pinholes. 

    Application areas include: 

    • Blood Analyzing System Port Gaskets
    • Breathing Mask Dam (pin-hole free)
    • Drug Delivery Systems
    • Endoscopy Bags
    • Laparoscopy Inflatables / Bags
    • Oxygen Delivery System Valves
    • Thermal Packs
    • Tourniquets
    • Wound Retractors

    Key properties include:


    3. User Comfort and Safety

    Breathable, comfortable fabrics designed with the user experience in mind, yet practical and safe for use by patients and care-givers alike.

    Applications include:

    Patient Medical Professional
    • Blood Pressure Cuffs
    • Orthopedic Inflatable Splints & Supports
    • Prosthetics
    • Aprons
    • Reusable Clean Room Shoe Covers
    • Surgical Gowns
    • X-Ray Protective Shielding

    Key properties include:


    Why Choose PU Over PVC? Polyurethane is breathable and PVC is not, making it great for skin contact areas on medical devices.

    Polyurethane is the coated fabric of choice for healthcare & medical applications Its properties make it ideal for:

    1. Preventing avoidable pressure ulcers / pressure injuries
    2. Skin-safe durability
    3. User comfort and safety


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