Trelleborg Group University

Trelleborg Group University

The main purpose of the Trelleborg Group University is to provide our people with the skills and competences required to contribute and playing a leading role in the long-term success of our Group The Group University comprises a diverse range of managerial and functional learning modules, workshops, e-learning and on-the-job tuition. These are designed for employees at different stages of their careers, from graduates that have recently joined to newly appointed professionals, as well as middle and senior management. The Group University supports our focus on driving performance and creating strong employee engagement.

Graduate Program

When you’re looking for your first job after leaving university you need to know that it will provide a clear career path. This means training, not just ‘on-the-job’ but carefully thought out programs. These early years of your working life are too important to leave to vague hopes and chances.


Bret Mao, Product Engineer for Trelleborg's sealing solutions operation, Shanghai

“When I arrived for the first module at Trelleborg Sweden I was shy and unsure of my English, so tended to avoid trying to communicate. With Trelleborg’s help and encouragement I am today a very different person, with the self confidence to be pro-active and positive in everything I do.”

Trelleborg- Carolin-Grab

Carolin Grab, Inside Sales Manager Fluidpower/Pneumatik for Trelleborg's sealing solutions operation, Germany

“The training we received about leadership and management was hugely beneficial to me. Today I’m in charge of a team of five. My initial aims, to network more, also proved to be very important. I met people from other Business Areas working on similar projects and in more than one instance we have been able to solve a problem because I have known who to call. During all my time at Trelleborg I have never felt that I was just a number and have always had the feeling that I was taken as a capable person, even at a young age.”


Adam Grady, Graduate Design Engineer for Trelleborg's offshore operation, UK

“The fact that Trelleborg had a Graduate Program was one of the reasons that I applied for a job,” says Adam. “The course turned out to be an extremely good experience for me. With the internal Graduate Program run by Trelleborg's offshore operation, I had the chance to visit all of the offshore sites, while with the corporate Graduate Program I was able to better understand what all the other Business Areas are doing within the group. It’s a perfect fit.”

Current vacancies


Carina Nesbitt

Group Talent Management Director

Trelleborg AB (publ), HQ
tel:  + 46 410 670 00

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Manuela Re

Talent Management Specialist

Trelleborg AB (publ), HQ
tel:  + 46 410 670 00

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