Rack & pinion boot with aspirator-

Rack & Pinion Boot with Aspirator 

Trelleborg’s boots with aspirator create a perfect seal for rack and pinion steering mechanisms. They are particularly used on HPS for which the air circulation is external to the rack. Designed to your exact requirements, our boots protect the steering gear from dirt debris or water, and support extreme behaviors such as extension, compression or bending stresses.

Breakdown-proof steering joints

Anti-snaking boot

Snaking is the phenomena of bending in a boot when the Rack & Pinion system is subjected to high pressure. This deformation can creates holes in a boot, either though abrasion or puncturing, which in the worst case could bring the Rack & Pinion system to suffer a breakdown and lead the car to lose steering.

Trelleborg’s Breathing boots with aspirator enable the whole system to breathe, reducing high temperatures in the steering system, and decreasing pressure. This cuts down the risk of deformation and solves any snaking issues. 

Why Trelleborg boots with aspirator?

  • These boots with aspirator allow air to move from one side of the gear to the other side when no hollow is available, but keep water and debris out.
  • On a global HPS point of view, this is cost reduction solution as avoiding drilling the rack.
  • An innovative design process using Finite Element Method ensures quick design of boots that are the perfect fit for a specific rack and pinion steering mechanism.
  • Innovative thermoplastic design reduces weight for a more compact fit, better recycling and cheaper, more cost-efficient production.

Dedication to innovation

The Trelleborg Boots Technical Centre creates boots to your exact specification. Using innovative construction techniques such as Finite Element Method combined with different technologies for producing thermoplastic boots, we can create the shape of boots you need at the specifications you want from a local centre near you.


Perfect sealing

On housing , on shaft and on tube

Better durability

Anti snaking design

Easy to produce

with unique robotics

Easy to assemble

improved design of small and large diameter

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