We believe in China -

China, home of ancient dynasties and tomorrow's innovations

China has a long history and a splendid culture. However, with its tireless efforts toward innovation and modernization, China has the dual charm of tradition and internationalization. China's booming economy and vast market have made China's development an important engine of the world economy. Trelleborg Boots started up in China 11 years ago, going from a minor player to becoming the industry leader, thanks to the trust and support of customers. We continue to improve product quality and service, adjust product structure and business strategy, promote technological innovation, and gradually deepen our business footprint and investment. We have great confidence in China and the Chinese market, hoping to be close to customers and provide effective services also going forward.

As the world's leading provider of boot solutions for automotive steering systems and drive line systems, Trelleborg's successful boots business is made up of research and development, design, manufacturing and sales. Trelleborg's boots manufacturing started in Europe and was introduced in China in 2005 and put into operation in the end of 2006, and within a few years to develop into a market leader. Manufacturing plants are located in Wuxi (Jiangsu province) and Xiaogan (Hubei province) 100% specialized in the manufacturing of automotive steering systems and drive line boots, a total annual capacity of up to 40 million pieces. There is a good balance between East and West in terms of production capacity, meaning that we are close to our customers no matter where they are.  The company introduced advanced European automation equipment, with strong research and development and innovation ability to maintain the industry-leading technology, supporting boot models serving car brands from all over the world. We are also very proud to have received honorable rewards from customers and suppliers for Excellent Quality and Service for 4 consecutive years.

After years of research and development and experience, Trelleborg has introduced the world's first Trilobe TPE boot. It effectively solves the problem of having to assemble two components to the drive shaft, which reduces assembly time, brings down cost and improves the sealing performance.
"To be the preferred supplier to our customers" is our consistent pursuit. The quality of our products and the after-sales service make us confident that we can be your best partner.  
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