Trelleborg Exhibits Buoyancy Materials at Canadian Underwater Conference

Applied Technologies - Offshore Buoyancy and Seismic

Trelleborg Exhibits Buoyancy Materials at Canadian Underwater Conference

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation will showcase its range of buoyancy materials at the Canadian Underwater Conference & Exhibition held in the Richmond Conference Centre at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond, BC, March 25-27 on stand 32.

Attendees will be able to take a firsthand look at some of Trelleborg’s advanced composite materials including Eccofloat®, a high-strength syntactic foam, and Eccosphere®, hollow glass microspheres. Trelleborg manufactures various grades of syntactic foams, called Eccofloat®, to meet deep-sea buoyancy requirements for subsea applications.

Will Ricci, Business Development Manager at Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation states: “Buoyancy material is a crucial component of unmanned subsea vehicle design. The composite foam maintains the near neutral buoyancy for free-flood vehicle designs, which allow vehicles to minimize energy consumption while maintaining their position within the water column.

“This exhibition provides the ideal platform for Trelleborg to highlight its solutions and expertise on demanding subsea applications directly to the people who can benefit from them most. We look forward to listening to the needs of industry professionals first hand to gain insight into what they require now and in the future.”

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation manufactures a range of high performance, low-density syntactic foam solutions for deep sea buoyancy applications. These composite foams provide ultra-low densities through the selection of only the highest specification hollow glass microspheres called Eccospheres®. They are designed to provide the highest strength to weight ratio when used in composite materials. The ability to custom manufacture and test this critical component of syntactic foam allows Trelleborg to produce industry leading strength to weight ratio materials. 

The 2018 Canadian Underwater Conference and Exhibition provides an outstanding opportunity for organizations to highlight their unique products and services to a wide array of industry participants in the Canadian underwater industry. The conference speakers represent Canada, the USA, the European Union and Australia to undoubtedly captivate all in attendance with cutting-edge technical presentations.