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Introducing our New Eccofloat® App at Oceanology International

To meet customer requirements, Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation manufactures various syntactic composite materials for demanding applications in numerous industries. The company will introduce its new Eccofloat® app and integral RFID tracking system for its complete range of subsea buoyancy components at Oceanology International in San Diego, California February 25-27 on stand G62.

While at the show, attendees will be able to have a firsthand look at the entire range of Eccofloat® materials and the new app. The Eccofloat® app allows customers to do basic design work on buoyancy components using a handy tool for on-the-spot estimation of component volumes, given uplift and depth, or component uplifts, given volume and depth. In addition, the app enables access original equipment certificates anywhere in the world in the palm of their hand.

William Ricci, Business Development Manager with Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation says: “The design feature of our new Eccofloat® app automatically gives calculations for our syntactic foam material types including our industry leading Top Grade, cost effective Standard Grade, and oceanographic Deep-Sea grade materials.

“We work hard to continuously innovate and produce solutions that meet stringent customer and industry requirements. Our unique combination of global manufacturing capabilities and material science make us a supplier of choice for projects in many cutting-edge areas that range from outer space to the deepest oceans and this new app gives our customers a convenient new tool for on-site evaluation and design of buoyancy components.”

Eccofloat® syntactic foam provides superior uplift for given depths and has a proven track record to provide maximum years of reliable service.  The outstanding performance is achieved using carefully selected hollow glass microspheres. The ability to custom manufacture and test this critical component of syntactic foam allows Trelleborg to produce industry leading strength-to-weight ratio materials.  

Oceanology International is the world’s leading marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference. It offers the world’s leading forum where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the ocean technology and marine science communities. The world-class exhibition and conference help bring together marine professionals, businesses and organizations to improve their strategies for measuring, developing, protecting and operating in the world’s oceans.

For additional information on Trelleborg’s syntactic composite solutions at the exhibition, stop by stand G62 to speak with industry experts or visit www.trelleborg.com/applied-technologies.

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