The trends which emerged from Bauma 2019

The trends which emerged from Bauma 2019
With the world’s largest trade fair for construction machinery, vehicles and equipment taking place in Germany last month, we look at the top three trends which emerged from the show that will influence every aspect of our industry in the future.


Placing an emphasis on efficiency

It’s something all businesses pursue – whether we’re talking about noise and vibration or exhaust gases and emissions, efficiency is key to our industry going forward. And at this year’s Bauma, efficiency was one the leading talking points amongst visitors.

Driven by increasingly stringent environmental regulations and emissions standards across the globe, manufacturers are more switched on than ever to the benefits of efficiency. In turn, critical components – such as diesel particulate filters – are increasingly common on vehicles within the construction and machinery industry. While these innovations support the reduction of vehicle emissions and drive greater efficiency, manufacturers can go even further. With components such as DPFs generating high temperatures when operational, supporting components – such as mounts – can be effective in helping them to operate more efficiently.

Moving beyond environmental goals, anti-vibration mounts [link to Trelleborg’s best-in-class noise reducing cab mounts] can also enhance operator efficiency, as well as that of components and machinery. By reducing noise and vibration, operator cabins become more comfortable. In turn, that can reduce operator fatigue and contribute towards greater job site safety, aiding productivity and efficiency long-term.


Focusing on sustainability

Going hand-in-hand with efficiency, sustainability has also become a key consideration for those in the construction and machinery market in recent years, with manufacturers focusing their efforts on environmental efficiency – both of their products and manufacturing processes.

At Trelleborg, sustainability has long been one of our core drivers. That’s why, when it comes to manufacturing our market-leading anti-vibration solutions, we strive to constantly improve our production processes, making them cleaner and more environmentally friendly – ultimately reducing the environmental impact of our business for greater sustainability. Of course, our products are also crucial in this mission. Developed to equip OEMs with reliable components for their specific applications, our products also have long service life built in. That means they need to be replaced less frequently, reducing the volume of raw materials required, as well as production and transport energy.

Beyond ensuring individual components deliver on sustainability – both in the application and when being produced – the trend towards lower-emission vehicles continues to contribute towards the industry’s sustainability. The introduction of hybrid and all-electric machines is key to this but throws up new challenges for manufacturers. For these machines, components such as battery packs are critical and need to be kept in good condition if they are to deliver long-term operational efficiency – something which is challenging in environments where dust and challenging terrain are commonplace. To support these innovations, solutions like our battery pack isolation system can help manufacturers to deliver reliable components which continue to drive our industry towards a more sustainable future.



Of course, the trend which is revolutionizing almost all industries today is digitalization. Enabling everything from predictive maintenance through to driverless vehicles, the digital future is fast becoming a reality. In practice, that means vehicles can be closely monitored to deliver greater operational efficiency on site, while maintenance schedules move from being reactive to a more anticipatory approach. Innovations such as onboard weighing technology can measure the loads being carried and analyze them to ensure maximum efficiency of every operation. Vehicles and machinery can also communicate with each other, enabling them to work together on site in the most efficient way.


Together, these trends are future-proofing our industry, helping businesses to operate ever-more efficiently and sustainably. Click here to discover how Trelleborg is contributing to the evolution of our industry.