Simplified cable connection

Simplified cable connection with Trelleborg gland plates.
Since the early 1970's, the cable leadthroughs have looked more or less the same. They were made of aluminium alloy and had certain treads to which a conventional metal grommet was mounted. The assemby was time consuming and expensive, especially considering it taking place in mass production for the cabinet manufacturing industry,

Working in close co-operation with our customers, the discussions started around how this could be improved. The customers wished for a gland that required no treads or special grommet, and ideally just in one part - naturally with the same high quality. The designers put their craftmanship and material knowledge to the test, and the Trelleborg Multigate product line was born. The positive feed-back from the customers did not wait, where assembly cost savings were raised as the biggest advantage, followed by the fire retardant models that were introduced shortly after.

Today, Trelleborg Multigate has become an industry standard and the variety in standard offering is wide and comprehensive. Many world-class manufacturers from different industry branches have also requested customized Multigate designs to improve their own assembly efficiency and to bring savings and improve the quality of the product they are manufacturing. 

From telecom base stations to fuel dispensers and solar panels or from wind turbines to frequency alternators and harvesters, Trelleborg Multigate is a trusted component by the industry leaders worldwide.

First models introduced to the market were MC25, MC35 and MC3, Those were EPDM Multigates designed to fit the industrial standard C aperture. The number refers to the maximum number of cables.

Over the years new materials and designs have been introduced and today our Multigate range of cable gland plates meets requirements up to IP67, EMC and flame retardant options are also available. 

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Assembly multigates

Assembly cost savings were raised as the biggest advantage