Mountfinder Pro Anti-vibration mount selection made easy

Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions has developed the ultimate app to measure the vibration of critical machinery and find the right part to fix vibration-related problems: MountFinder Pro.

Vibration is unavoidable in the industrial space and knowing how to manage it effectively isn’t an easy challenge. It requires not only the most innovative products on the market but also a tool for finding the right components for specific machine applications. With that in mind, Trelleborg’s anti-vibration solutions operation has revamped the MountFinder Pro App.


After years of testing on various types of vibrating machinery to ensure complete accuracy and improved capabilities, MountFinder Pro is now the only vibration and noise meter app you need.


What is the MountFinder Pro app?

MountFinder Pro uses a vibration analyzer, noise recorder and mount selection technology to identify the best anti-vibration mount required for a specific application – all from a mobile phone. This newly updated app takes advantage of the accelerometers within mobile devices to directly measure a machine's vibration levels. This is simply done by placing your mobile phone on the tool you’re looking to measure.


By inputting information such as the number of mounts and machine weight, the app cross-references with the Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions product database to quickly identify which anti-vibration mount is right for your application.


Once you’ve collected your data with MountFinder Pro, you can then get in touch with a specialist member of the Trelleborg team through the app. From there, you’ll have access to specialist insight and support to enable you to select the right solution for your application and begin your journey to smoother, more efficient machine operation.


The technology

All mobile phones contain accelerometers which can measure movement and its direction – the same technology that knows when to rotate your screen while viewing your phone. MountFinder Pro measures the movement of the internal sensor over a short period of time and uses complex mathematics to convert the information to a frequency measurement.


To ensure the app is always available to provide the support you need, when and where you need it, MountFinder Pro has been developed to keep up with the incredible speed of current smartphones. It has also been future proofed to work with smartphones to come, remaining a reliable tool even after phone upgrades.


New features

The new version of the app now has a much larger product database which reflects the wide-reaching solutions that Trelleborg can provide. It also means the app will find the exact product you need based on your budget.


A new feature for the rebuilt version of MountFinder Pro is the ability to connect your phone to a Bluetooth sensor. This can be used if you don’t want to damage your mobile device or if the application you’re looking to measure is in a hard-to-reach place. You can contact Trelleborg from within the app to get a Bluetooth sensor sent to you.

Key features of MountFinder Pro

To make sure the app meets the demands of today’s industry, there are several new and improved features to look out for.


Accurate vibration results

Continued testing and comparison against verified reference grade equipment, together with use of the latest technology, means the results which MountFinder Pro delivers when measuring machine vibration can always be relied upon.


Noise recording

Wherever there’s vibration, there’s also noise. Generated by the essential movement of machinery, it is inescapable, but it can be managed to create safer and more comfortable working environments. As a new feature of MountFinder Pro, noise is now recorded, and findings factored into solution recommendations.


Risk-free product selection

With a greater product range now available within MountFinder Pro, it’s much easier to find the solution you need to effectively manage vibration. Using live product data alongside measurement results, the app will always select the most suitable solution to your challenge. Plus, with expert support available in-app, MountFinder Pro does the hard work for you.


Increased product offering

With operations spanning the globe, Trelleborg’s expertise in vibration management is unrivalled. Now, that expertise and the range of solutions that goes with it, is built into MountFinder Pro. So, whatever the challenge, the app will be your go-to tool to solve it.


Different language options

To improve accessibility, the app has so far been developed with three language options available, including English, German and Chinese.


Why download the MountFinder Pro vibration meter app?

Whether you’re an engineer or site manager, the MountFinder Pro app is easy to use and will quickly get you to the solutions that you need to effectively manage vibration, optimise machine efficiency and create safer, more comfortable working environments.


Where excessive vibration is occurring, the life cycle of machinery becomes much shorter which can lead to repair and maintenance related downtime or costly machine replacement. By finding the right mounts with Trelleborg, you can better protect machine investment by supporting efficient operation during its service life.


But it’s not just machinery that is disrupted by excessive vibration and noise. People working nearby may also experience discomfort, potentially leading to drops in productivity and even safety-related concerns.


The MountFinder Pro app is available worldwide on the Apple App Store  , Google Play Store and can also be accessed on your web browser.


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