Delivering value by going beyond specification

Delivering value by going beyond specification

We know the impact of vibration; on machinery, people and productivity. That’s why, at Trelleborg, we take a different approach to product development, moving beyond the initial specification requirements to deliver true value to both our customers and end-users. Here, we take a look at how our Innovation Principles are driving innovative thinking when it comes to delivering solutions that have a real impact.

At the start of the design process for any new product, we begin with the customers’ own specifications – from the purpose of the product down to the available space envelope in which the solution must operate. But before our expert team of engineers gets to work, there’s often more information to uncover if we are to determine the true performance potential of an anti-vibration solution.


For any manufacturer, virtually all product design is undertaken with the customer in mind. For us, that means fulfilling the needs of original equipment manufacturers. But, for them, it’s the end-user – the person operating a vehicle on a construction site, for instance. By redefining our approach to innovation, it’s this distinction that enables us to add real value for our customers, looking beyond their challenges to identify how our solutions can have a broader positive impact on their customers, too.


This is where our Innovation Principles really begin to shine through. Moving beyond a technical data sheet, we can begin to see how end users will physically feel the benefits of our products. So where an anti-vibration solution may have initially been specified to reduce the level of Gs transmitted from a vehicle’s engine, we can determine how else a well-designed mount or isolator could deliver further benefits – from eliminating mirror shake and reducing cab noise through to improving safety on-site and minimizing operator fatigue through reduced exposure to vibration.


While all these additional benefits hold clear value for end-users and, in turn, have the potential to improve productivity and profitability on site, they are variables that might have been overlooked on a standard engineering datasheet. That’s why we take the time to not only understand the needs of our customers but also their customers so that every solution exceeds requirements to deliver greater value.


In practice, once we know the needs of customers at every stage through to the end-user, we can begin to align each with what’s possible given a particular application. To aid this process, we focus on the four key variables which define our Innovation Principles: vibration, noise, ride and installation.


In practice, that could mean that what was initially specified as a simple mount to reduce vibration could become a solution with a much broader suite of benefits. Incorporating a special compound, for instance, could block noise in the cab making its on-site operation safer, while the addition of a hydraulic damper could improve the ride over adverse terrain, improving comfort and efficiency. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – is the role of installation in our process. By making this process as simple as possible, we are able to reduce the time and cost associated with installing equipment, as well as ensure that anti-vibration solutions are installed correctly to deliver their full potential.


Continually improving

Besides making sure that we’re able to connect with our customers in a meaningful way that helps them to overcome their challenges, our unique approach to innovation is threaded through each of our developments. This is what truly drives our team of engineers. Understanding how even the smallest tweaks can maximize value for customers and have a significant impact on component and machinery performance allows for products to be continuously evolved and optimized.


In the world’s ever-changing landscapes, this evolution is essential in supporting customers and end-users to overcome their everyday challenges, be more productive, more efficient, operate more safely and maximize profitability. In essence, our Innovation Principles stand at the heart of Trelleborg, ensuring we can meet or exceed customer expectations and demonstrate the value of our anti-vibration solutions in tangible ways, supporting the long-term satisfaction of customers around the globe.


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