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Equi-Frequency Small Product Range

General purpose low-profile mounting for use where space is restricted. Suitable for stationary applications. May also be used to protect delicate or sensitive equipment from shock or disturbances. 

Each design has substantially the same stiffness in vertical and horizontal directions. Load range 11 kg to 54 kg. Can be used as small anti-shock mounting when static loadings are derated.


Instrumental panels

Small fan set

Small vacuum pump

Small reciprocating engines

Technical Specification

Type Part number M-Max (kg) Weight (kg)
17-1566-45 10-00529-01  11  0,024 




17-0389-45 10-00406-01  27  0,10 
17-0389-60  10-00407-01  54  0,10 

technical drawing
EQ 17-1566 Spring characteristics
technical drawing
EQ 17-0389 Spring characteristics


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