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Marine Acquisition Boosts Trelleborg's Antivibration Operation

Marine Acquisition Boosts Trelleborg's Antivibration Operation
Trelleborg has further strengthened its industrial antivibration solutions operation within the marine market through the strategic acquisition of Loggers Rubbertechniek B.V., an international solutions provider in the fields of shock, vibration and noise control.
Operating from an advanced facility in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, the acquired company designs and develops solutions that minimize noise and dampen vibration and shock, mainly for onboard ship systems. Its Center of Excellence is home to shock and vibration analysis; advanced calculation and simulation technology; and research & development programs and has been responsible for the introduction of many innovative marine solutions for applications within shipbuilding, offshore and dredging. As well as expertise in marine antivibration solutions, the company also operates in the rail and machinery sectors, closely mirroring Trelleborg’s own market specialisms within industrial antivibration systems.
Richard Vogelaar of Loggers explained: “Our vision has always been to be the best and most innovative solution provider in the area of shock, vibration and noise isolation and to add value as a preferred supplier. By becoming part of Trelleborg, we can expand our creative thinking and engineering excellence for the benefit of Trelleborg’s customers.” 
Max Billinger, Business Unit President of Trelleborg industrial antivibration solutions operation, commented: “This acquisition provides an excellent opportunity to establish growth by expanding our market position in marine antivibration solutions. The combination of our manufacturing capabilities with the skills and expertise of Loggers will lead to a shorter time to market of innovative solutions for a very demanding customer base. This will be further accelerated by our established international sales and distribution network. The markets and business tools developed by Loggers complement those of Trelleborg’s industrial antivibration solutions operation and will contribute to the success of the operation as a whole. Our plan is for its operation to become a Marine Antivibration Solutions Center with a focus on marine systems for our global industrial antivibration operation.”