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Sustainability work is important for Trelleborg's long-term value creation, and spans the entire sustainability area, from environment, health and safety issues to compliance and ethical relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, local communities and society as a whole. The four focus areas in Trelleborg are Compliance, Resources, Diversity and Social engagement. Read more in our Sustainability Report and watch the video.

Trelleborg’s products and solutions have properties that contribute to a more sustainable society – Blue DimensionTM.

Focus Areas

Trelleborg has identified four distinct areas of importance, called our Focus Areas, by asking internal and external stakeholders which aspects of sustainability really matter to them. 

Reporting the essential

Trelleborg's Sustainability work focuses on aspects of sustainability that create long-term value, sharpen performance and really matter to our most important stakeholders – Customers, Employees and Shareholders. By asking our external and internal stakeholders what they consider essential, Trelleborg has identified the aspects of concern to feature in our reporting. 

What really matters

Trelleborg and the value chain

While Trelleborg’s focus areas when it comes to sustainability have historically been based on the Group’s operations, they have been expanded over time to include other activities both upstream and downstream in the value chain. In terms of materiality, an additional aspect that extends across the value chain should be highlighted: Products that protect the environment, people, infrastructure and assets, and that thereby contribute to the sustainability of customers and society.

Group Environmental Policy

We shall actively and systematically work with  environmental management in the following four areas: 

  • Environmental Management 
  • Energy, Emissions & Materials 
  • Development 
  • Stakeholder Relations

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Sustainability framework

Internally, the basis of Trelleborg’s work on sustainability issues is the Group’s Code of Conduct, whose content is built upon globally recognized guidelines such as UN Human Rights principles. Externally, the reporting on sustainability is prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). From 2019, there are also clear references to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 goals in Agenda 2030. 

Sustainability activities

Read how our sustainability activities contribute to Trelleborg’s total performance.

Sustainability Contacts

Rosman Jahja

Vice President Corporate Responsibility
tel +46 (0)410-670 34

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Patrik Romberg, 2015

Patrik Romberg

SVP Group Communications & HR
tel: +46 410 670 94

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