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Risk Management

All business activities involve risk. Risks that are effectively managed may lead to opportunities and value creation, while risks that are not managed correctly could result in damage and losses.

Trelleborg serves a broad range of customers in a variety of market segments and niches. With a wide geographic spread. The Group has operations in about 50 countries, sales are conducted in just over 150 countries worldwide and manufacturing operations are carried out at more than 100 production units The business is diversified, which provides Trelleborg with an effective underlying risk spread.

As one of the leading companies in the polymer industry, Trelleborg is subject to high expectations from all of its stakeholders. The Group is exposed to a risk that the behavior, business decisions and deliveries of individual employees could destroy the confidence built up over a long period of time, not least since the Group operates in a global market with a strong brand and in certain segments with an elevated risk level. It is thus crucial that events and conduct that could have a negative impact on the company’s brand and credibility are monitored and minimized.

Trelleborg has an established process for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM process) that provides a framework for the Group’s risk activities. The purpose of the ERM process is to provide a Group-wide overview of Trelleborg’s risks by identifying them, evaluating them and providing a basis for decision-making regarding the management of risks, and to enable a follow-up of the risks and how they are managed.

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Risk management from the Annual Report of 2017


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