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Take the A train

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A safe, comfortable and reliable journey is what travelers can expect with Trelleborg’s anti-vibration systems. Chevron, hourglass and air springs, all invented by Trelleborg, are now standard in the industry.

In the event of a fire on a train, DragonCoat from Trelleborg is a revolutionary flexible fire-retardant coating for rubber components that allows passengers more time to escape.

To work online or check Facebook updates, you can rely on safe access to the Internet with Trelleborg’s weather-, UV- and ozone-resistant seals, connectors and connector bellows installed in telecom masts.

A train journey can be the perfect place to work. For an engineer on the move, there are many cool apps from Trelleborg for engineering calculations, design simulations and reference.

Trelleborg’s polymercoated fabrics are often deployed in the process of printing books and magazines in offset, flexo and digital printing applications as well as in rollers and belts for converting applications.

Trelleborg ensures that railway bridges can withstand the demands of train traffic. Bearings for bridge pylons compensate for movements caused by wind, temperature and loads.

Trelleborg simplify and improve the integrity of jointing between lengths of rail enabling delivery of long lengths and to ensure that the most stringent electrical isolation requirements.


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