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Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions market experience and engineering expertise.

We are an industry-leading manufacturer, specifying and producing high performance solutions for variety of industries, including low and medium pressure industrial hoses, oil and marine hoses and expansion joints all based on advanced polymer technology.
Trelleborg offers a range of products, solutions and services that meet requirements of your business.

industrial HOSES

Industrial Hoses & hose assemblies

Based on decades of experience and expertise, we offer the most extensive range of hoses and hose assemblies on the market.
Offshore Hoses

Offshore oil & gas Hoses

Trelleborg is the leading supplier of innovative and field-proven large-bore flexible bonded hoses for crude oil, chemicals, and LPG/LNG offshore transfer applications.
Expansion joints

Expansion Joints

Trelleborg manufactures and supplies a complete range of rubber expansion joints under the TEGUFLEX®brand.

Couplings & accessories

Trelleborg offers assembly components and accessories. 

What's new in fluid handling?

Oxygene hose used in fish farms


In Norway, aquaculture expert Oxyvision and Trelleborg teamed up to develop a system that pumps oxygen into offshore fish farms, helping fish remain healthy and grow bigger.
Oil & Gas
Cryogenic floating hose enables tandem offloading

Cryogenic Floating Hose

Trelleborg has teamed up with leading oil and gas industry contractor, Saipem, to develop a new LNG tandem offloading system.

Expansion Joints for heavy industries

Trelleborg completes its range of expansion joints by adding the TEGUFLEX P LPG.

Red Wine

There are many factors at play when making wine. For its annual production of five million bottles, the wine cooperative USPDE in Saint-Emilion uses 1,500 meters of Trelleborg hoses.

Keeping Greenhouses Green 

A greenhouse hose is a critical – and a problematic – element for the agricultural industry in the Netherlands. Trelleborg helped to develop a flexible hose solution that answered the challenge.

Safety and Flexibility in Deep Water

Trelleborg’s Trelline® system is a cost-effective alternative for deepwater oil exploration.

Use the Canalkler 250S Hose to Save on Annual Costs

Use the Canalkler 250S hose and save around 14,000€ per annum...

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