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BlueTire™ technology from Trelleborg respects the structure of the soil and preserves its organic life by minimizing mechanical damage caused by compression.

Trelleborg is involved in oil, gas, wind, water and solar power. Solutions include buoyancy for offshore equipment, anti-vibration, advanced seals, oil and marine hoses, mooring systems and leg mating structures.

Trelleborg is the world’s leading producer of wine hoses, which incorporate a special outer coating that allows them to be moved safely around wineries.

Trelleborg’s products include applications such as mix-proof valves, centrifuge housings, quick couplings, and seals for a number of coffee machine makers.

Specialty printing blankets from Trelleborg ensure the best image reproduction on all types of packaging surfaces, from paper to film, cardboard and metal.

Aggressive chemicals are often used to clean processing lines in food and beverage production. Trelleborg's Isolast®, give extended seal life in hostile environments to make effective volume production possible.

In systems for transporting milk products, special sealing materials and hoses are developed to withstand the deteriorating effect of dairy substances on rubber.


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