Webinar – Stronger and Lighter Products with Engineered Performance Polymer Solutions 

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Join our experts on September 1, 2022, to find out about the benefits of our thermoplastic solutions for your application.
For over two decades, thermoplastic composites have been a proven solution for many challenging performance requirements. Advances in processes, part simulation and materials have reduced costs associated with their product development, allowing more varied applications. They offer greater design flexibility over thermosets and metal, making it easier to meet applications requirements – creating parts that combine functions, and are lighter, stronger, and more sustainable.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can offer a development partnership, working with you to engineer solutions specifically to the challenges you face. Our Advanced Technology Center develops high-performance, novel compounds with complementary design and processing competence aiming to bring new products to market faster. We develop and refine our portfolio of materials, capabilities, and products to ensure we can support our customers, whatever their requirements.  

Join our thermoplastic experts, Brian Richards and Tim Miller, in this live webinar to learn more about the benefits of our high-performance materials and manufacturing capabilities.

Key takeaways of the webinar include:

- How thermoplastic products can solve your engineering challenges
- Where our solutions can consolidate multiple parts, reduce weight, or improve strength
- Why thermoplastic materials offer advantages over more traditional materials

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