Silicone Technology Advancing Medical Innovation Livestream 2024

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Together with customers we shape a sustainable future with innovative solutions for healthcare and medical applications. 

Join our ConneX Livestream event on March 21 to learn about Trelleborg’s world-leading silicone material and applications competence – providing outstanding solutions to challenging healthcare and medical applications for the future.

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At the event you will:

  • Hear from industry leading experts on silicone material formulation in both liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and high consistency silicone rubber (HCR)
  • Learn how materials can be selected or created to suit specific application needs
  • Take a virtual tour of Trelleborg’s LSR Manufacturing Global Center of Excellence in Stein-am-Rhein, Switzerland
  • Discover collaborative engineering solutions from concept to serial production with Trelleborg as your development partner


The agenda in detail:


  • Welcome

3:05 PM CET

  • Perfect Match: The Critical Role of Silicone (Linda Muroski)

3:25 PM CET

  • Introduction to Silicone Technology (Jarno Burkhardt)

3:50 PM CET

  • From Prototype to Production: Exploring Scalability (Jeff Westom, Philipp Begert, Florance Veronelli)

4:20 PM CET

  • Pioneering Silicone: Miniaturization & Special Molding (Philipp Begert, Ursula Nollenberger)

4:50 PM CET

  • Virtual Tour of Trelleborg Stein am Rhein

5:15 PM CET

  • Wrap-up