Trelleborg’s Seals and Gaskets are Selected by CONMED

</br><b>Trelleborg’s Seals and Gaskets are Selected by CONMED for New Powered Surgical Instruments System</b>

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions contributed to CONMED’s innovation of TRI-SEAL™ Technology that achieves advanced triple-sealing to give its handpieces superior resistance to moisture intrusion and make them compatible with automated washers and sanitizers. The Hall 50™ handpieces have ingress protection ratings of IPX 6 and 8 and use high performance, low friction seals and gaskets from Trelleborg to resist moisture intrusion in the presence of water jets and submersion. Additionally, the seals and gaskets help reduce vibration, enabling better instrument command and minimizing fatigue during lengthy usage.

Peter Hahn, Business Unit President, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Marketing Americas, says: “We are thrilled CONMED is leveraging our 50 plus years of design and engineering experience and sees Trelleborg Sealing Solutions as an industry-leading partner. The gasket design we engineered for CONMED’s new handpiece system prevents the ingress of steam and liquids during autoclave and sterilizing operations. We look forward to continuing to work closely with CONMED to support innovation, advance technology and deliver design advantages such as reduced friction, longer service life and ease of assembly.”

“We were looking for a reliable, responsive seal and gasket supplier and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions fits the bill. We share similar values and a philosophy of constantly rethinking, refining and enhancing products in order to increase the reliability of our handpieces and establish a new standard of quality and performance, which we have achieved with our Hall 50™ System,” said Jordan Turner, Senior Global Product Manager, Capital Products, CONMED.