New distribution center in Bonne Terre MO, U.S.: Global reach with local presence

Bonne Terre Distribution Center

Can you explain in more detail how the new distribution center in Bonne Terre, Missouri will improve customer experience?

The new distribution center in Bonne Terre, Missouri is all about enhancing the customer experience for our “customers”, which we prefer to call partners. It brings faster delivery, a more personalized approach, and a larger stock of inventory. Moreover, it allows our partners to provide us with insights into their specific needs, enabling us to customize our inventory and better meet market demands.

What specific changes have been made to the customer service organization that will enhance our ability to serve customers, and how does the distribution center fit into this?

We've brought in a customer service manager with a strong background in serving our partners. This move eliminates the middleman and offers a seamless experience. The distribution center plays a pivotal role in this by providing a central hub for order processing and shipment. We aim for more detail-oriented information and timely tracking. Our goal is to ensure a consistent source of information for our partners.

How will the new distribution center increase the efficiency of order processing and delivery for plastic pipe seal products?

With the new distribution center, we're streamlining order fulfillment and reducing lead times. It's all about providing faster, more efficient delivery to our partners. We have a dedicated team focused on order fulfillment and an agreement with a logistics company to ensure timely shipments. The central location of Bonne Terre, MO, significantly reduces transit times.

Are there any new features or technologies, such as real-time inventory status and advanced tracking, incorporated into this distribution center that customers should be aware of, and how will these benefit them?

 While these features won't be available immediately upon opening, we're actively working on providing our partners with real-time access to inventory status. This advancement will not only allow partners to view available inventory but also empower them to place orders with precision, ultimately reducing wait times and ensuring a smoother and more transparent process. This initiative is part of our commitment to enhancing the overall experience for our partners and providing them with tools to plan more effectively.

Are there any plans to offer additional services or support to partners through this distribution center, such as technical assistance or training?

Actually, our team currently provides technical assistance and training to our partners. Our team is committed to being on-site at manufacturing facilities, offering support and expertise. We're passionate about ensuring our partners make the most of our products in combination with theirs.

Will the distribution center result in faster delivery times for partners in North America?

Yes, the distribution center will significantly reduce delivery times. By being centrally located in Bonne Terre, MO, we can expedite shipments and get them to our partners more efficiently.

How does the location of the new distribution center within an existing production facility contribute to its effectiveness in serving partners?

The location is key to providing faster, more efficient service. Being in Bonne Terre, MO, allows us to reduce travel times and deliver an added layer of convenience to our partners. We have also implemented a freight program to further assist our partners in reducing shipping costs for minimum order quantity.

How does this initiative align with our broader goals in the water infrastructure industry, and what benefits might partners see as a result of this alignment?

Our initiative in Bonne Terre, MO, aligns perfectly with our commitment to improving customer service and providing partners with the highest quality products. The main goal is to streamline the process of working with Trelleborg and show our dedication to being customer-first. We want to illustrate that our service matches the exceptional quality of our products, offering a seamless experience for our partners.

Are there any other plans or benefits that you would like to share?

We're genuinely excited to roll out this new distribution center, and it's not just about enhancing our infrastructure. As part of our commitment to excellence, we're currently refreshing the training of our employees across various programs, including the Code of Conduct and Trelleborg Excellence Programs. These initiatives represent our structured approach to continuously raising the bar in core business processes, ensuring we uphold the highest standards as a trustworthy supplier and employer.

We believe that the synergy between the new distribution center and our ongoing employee training efforts will be a game-changer for our partners. This strategic combination is set to streamline our business operations, reduce wait times, and exemplify our unwavering dedication to exceptional service, ensuring we meet and exceed the needs of our partners.


"The new distribution center in Bonne Terre, Missouri is all about
enhancing the customer experience for our “customers”, which we prefer to call partners."
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