New Whitepaper Published on Advanced Extrusion Techniques for Healthcare & Medical Applications

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Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical releases a technical whitepaper, which discusses how engineered extrusion can help medical device makers improve device designs and patient experiences.

Dan Sanchez, Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical Product Manager for hosing and tubing, and author of the whitepaper, says: “Extensively used within the healthcare and medical industry in a wide variety of applications, from wound drains to catheters, drug delivery to feeding tubes, hosing and tubing technology has moved far beyond the production of single, hollow tubes to multi-lumen extrusions that may incorporate stops, bumps, and varying thicknesses in one design.


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Extrusion technology facilitates innovative medical devices


“Significant benefits can be achieved by taking advantage of innovative processes and the latest material options to reduce device manufacturers’ total cost of ownership while increasing component integrity. At the same time, manufacturing processes can improve patients’ quality of life by facilitating reduction in device size and weight, as well as incorporating multifaceted geometries, multiple substrates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This enhances treatment in terms of safety and comfort and makes wearable medical device options more feasible."


Outlined in the whitepaper are key factors for consideration when specifying seemingly uncomplicated yet complex extrusions, along with material options concentrating on silicone extrusion technologies. Applications are also highlighted with actual examples.


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This is just one of the resources available to the medical device designer that are accessible via the Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical website. Website visitors can find engineering tools, like the Tubing & Hose Selector and the Material Compatibility Tool, which are designed to support design engineers by simplifying material and product selection. The technical library houses whitepapers, webinar recordings and technical articles on a wide range of subjects, including extrusion, multicomponent technology and drug-eluting devices.


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