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Life Changing Technologies
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Your Partner for Life Changing Technologies


The trend to miniaturize wearable, digital and implantable medical devices offers new and life changing benefits to patients. It also brings about novel challenges to the design and manufacturing processes required for these advanced therapies. Add to this the increasingly strict regulations around medical devices, as well as a constant desire to accelerate time to market, and it is evident that the medical device industry requires innovative partners.


At Trelleborg Healthcare & Medical, we help medical device companies negotiate the development process from concept to commercialization. We form lasting partnerships with customers to design, develop, manufacture, and bring to market innovative engineered solutions for demanding medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications.


Customers rely on Trelleborg to accelerate time to market through development of engineered processes, prototyping and validation, rapid scale-up, adherence to the strictest quality standards, and more. Once in market, our robust processes ensure a reliable, high-quality supply.


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