Trelleborg’s Engineering Apps Make Engineers’ Lives Easier

</br><b>Trelleborg’s Engineering Apps Make Engineers’ Lives Easier</b>

The mobile landscape is one characterized by unprecedented growth and innovation. In March this year, Apple launched its first smartwatch, the next step for an industry that is seeing over one billion smartphones sold each year. Forrester Research predicts that 42% of the total population globally will own a smartphone by the end of 2015 and during 2014 it said that more time was spent on mobile apps than on the web.

Robert Zahiri, Director Global Marketing and Communications at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “There is virtually no research available on the trends relating to usage of apps in industrial applications but we know this is an important area for app development. We tend to associate mobile apps with playing online games or keeping in touch on social media channels. At Trelleborg though, we believe there is a much more serious side to them and that mobile apps can actually make an engineer’s working life easier, especially for those that are regularly on the move and working away from their desks.

“We took a decision about five years ago to invest heavily in mobile app development. That meant employing experts in app technology to decide how best to utilize our over 60 years of sealing expertise in this new medium.”

All Trelleborg Sealing Solutions mobile apps are downloadable from Apple’s AppStore or Google Play. They are also available from the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website.

A round up of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions mobile tools and apps:

Hydraulic Cylinder Design Calculator

From cylinder dimensions and parameters like pressure and oil flow, the app calculates the areas and volumes in the cylinder, extraction & retraction forces, velocity, time, outflow and ratio for both piston and rod side.

Groove Selector: Aerospace

Finds the size of grooves and hardware for dynamic and static seals for two of the most important SAE aerospace groove standards for hydraulic systems; AS4716 Rev B and AS5857 Rev A.

Installation Instructions

The app demonstrates the correct installation techniques for a range of seals and features a combination of film, animation and supporting documentation.

ISO Fits and Tolerance

Based on the nominal diameter of a seal, the app provides the complete ISO fits definition with all relevant values including the type of fit.

O-Ring Selector

The app calculates O-Ring and housing dimensions from installation specifications such as the bore or rod/shaft diameter and recommends O-Ring sizes according to ISO 3601.

Material Compatibility: Life Sciences

Offers a quick and easy overview of which materials are compatible with different environments in life sciences applications.

Shim Selector

Designed to give brake NVH test engineers quick and easy access to the extensive range of shim materials used for elimination of specific brake noise problems.

Technical Glossary

Provides definitions of more than 2,000 terms from the world of sealing technology and engineering.

Tubing and Hose selector

Specifically developed for the life sciences industry, the app simplifies choosing the correct tubing and hose based on input parameters such as material and pressure

Unit and Hardness Converter

The app offers a wide range of conversions of engineering and scientific units and based on material types, inputs can be converted to hardness scales.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will be demonstrating all of its apps and online tools at Hannover Messe, on stand A48, hall 20.