Découvrez les solutions d'étanchéité des tiges de vannes pour le marché de l'énergie

Un nouveau catalogue présente les kits Turcon® Variseal® MC et Variseal® V-Stack, deux produits développés pour faire face aux pressions et températures extrêmes des applications de tiges de vannes.

Exploring more challenging oil fields means operating in increasingly harsh conditions. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of innovative solutions to withstand the hostile operating environments encountered.

This catalog provides a detailed overview of design considerations, installation recommendations and material selections to make specification and ordering simple for leading valve stem solutions:

  • Turcon® Variseal® MC is a single-acting, spring-energized primary seal to be used as a single seal within valve stems. Its unique one-piece design is an alternative to conventional technologies, such as V-Stack type products and other valve stem packings.
  • Turcon® Variseal® V-Stack Kits are commonly used in Oil & Gas valve stem applications, where they provide a single-acting, high integrity sealing solution for higher pressures and temperatures over a long service life.

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