Added value in focus

Added value in focus
What added value do customers actually want?

Trelleborg Seals & Profiles wanted to identify their customers’ real needs during a comprehensive review of strategy and customer needs.       

“Providing added value to our customers is critical and a key focus area for us,” says Magnus Andersson, Business Unit President of Trelleborg Seals & Profiles.

“We need to continue adding value if we are to maintain and develop strong relationships with customers. That’s why we spent significant time and effort to find out what customers really want from us, what we already do well and where we can improve.”

“This confirmed that our customers want access to excellent technical support and design capabilities, an innovative partner that understands their needs for both products and solutions. They want quick response times, reliable timely delivery on promises and proactive communication when things go wrong.”

 “Overall, we are fulfilling customer expectations to a high degree, especially in those areas where we are in a leading position, such as technical support, design capabilities and application expertise. However, we identified three areas where we can do more to create maximum value for our customers – quality in our supply chain, ensuring what we promise is what we deliver; innovation, ensuring we supply the most advanced optimized profiles; and ease of doing business, ensuring smooth dealings in all our contacts with customers.”

The findings from the research have resulted in a value proposition and a renewed strategy, which has already been set in motion to achieve measurable progress in the identified areas of improvement.

“We always want to do more for our customers. The greatest value for us is to be able to deliver a competitive advantage for customers, and our strategy will enable to us to do that more effectively than ever before,” concludes Magnus Andersson.
 "Providing added value to our customers is critical and a key focus area for us."
Magnus Andersson, Business Unit President